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Learn about the mystery that Dr. E. Mune is asked to solve.

      Suspects and Clues

Whodunit? Read about the possible suspects and look for clues to solve the mystery!

      What is a 'Clinical Trial?'

Learn the 'ins’ and 'outs’ of a clinical trial.

      Who is in a Clinical Trial?

Are you eligible for a clinical trial? Read all about it to see if you are.

      Where do Clinical Trials Come From?

Do clinical trials come from mid-air? Find out where they come from….

      Phases of Clinical Trials

Learn all the steps involved in a clinical trial.

      What is a 'Protocol?'

Learn about your treatment plan called a protocol.

      Risks and Side Effects

Are there any risks or could you have side effects if you participate in a clinical trial?

      Questions to Ask

What sort of questions should you ask before deciding to participate in a clinical trial?

      'Informed Consent' and 'Assent?'

What are your 'Rights’?

      Can I Refuse to Take Part in a Clinical Trial?

Can you? Read and find out if you can!


A picture paints a thousand words! Would you like to understand how patients are randomized to different treatments?