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    Why is it important that "teens talk" about their cancer experience?

What do other teens have to say about their experience with treatment?

      Losing My Hair

Hair loss is one of the hardest parts of cancer treatment. Check it out and see what other teens have to say.


Has your appearance changed? Hear about how other teens with cancer have coped with their appearance changes.


Friends, parents, siblings - relationships can be hard enough. How are things different after being diagnosed with cancer?

      Back to School

Going back to school can be both fun and scary. Find out what other teens say and how they feel about their experience.

      Talking about Death

Hear teens talk about their future, what they think can happen (best/worst), and their determination to conquer cancer!!


Does cancer change you as a person? Do you look at life the same way? Will you make different choices now after facing this life-changing experience?

      Personal Stories

Read special stories about how other teens dealt with their cancer.