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  Resources - Camps/Adventures
  1. Children's Oncology Camping Association International - Learn about the many children's/teen oncology camps within the United States, Canada, and other international locations. http://www.cocai.org/
  2. Dream Street Foundation - Founded by brother and sister philanthropists Patty and Billy Grubman in 1988, Dream Street's purpose is to provide a unique camping program, free of charge, to children with chronic or life-threatening diseases. This is a unique camping program where seriously ill children can experience the joys of summer camp like other children, while their particular requirements are met. There is a special camp free of charge for 18 - 24 year-olds - Dream Street at Canyon Ranch - a place where young adults facing catastrophic disease take comfort in discovering and understanding their needs and aspirations. http://www.dreamstreetfoundation.org/  Phone: 424-248-0696; dreamstreetca@gmail.com
  3. First Descent - A kayaking camp in Colorado for 15-25 year olds with cancer. Started by professional kayaker and NIKE athlete, Brad Ludden, First Descent uses kayaking and other outdoor activities to campers facing challenges in overcoming obstacles associated with living with cancer. http://www.firstdescents.org Phone: 303-945-2490
  4. Special Love, Inc. - A non-profit organization that offers children/teens with cancer or HIV and their families support, hope, love, and fun through a variety of year-round programs that include camps for siblings, friends, teens, families, and young adults, as well as sports outings and financial support to participating families. http://www.speciallove.org/ Phone: (888) 930-2707.