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  Resources - Online Support & Coping Groups
  1. ACOR's 4Youth - This site provides support for teens and young adults, as well as for young survivors of cancer. http://listserv.acor.org/archives/4youth.html

  2. Caring Bridge - A non-profit organization providing free online service connecting patients to friends and families. http://www.caringbridge.org  Phone: (651) 452-7940.

  3. ChemoCare.com - Scott Hamilton's (Olympic skating champion and cancer survivor) website is designed to provide the latest information on chemotherapy to patients and their families, caregivers and friends. http://www.chemocare.com

  4. Connect - A website created by a group of high school and college students who have experienced a life-threatening illness and realize the importance of talking to someone who's been there.

  5. Cure Childhood Cancer - A non-profit organization dedicated to conquering childhood cancer through research, education and support of patients and their families. http://www.curechildhoodcancer.org/  Phone: (800) 443-CURE (800-443-2873); info@curechildhoodcancer.org

  6. Group Loop - A place for teens with cancer and their parents to build an online community to find support, education, and hope while dealing with a cancer diagnosis. http://www.grouploop.org/  Phone: (888) 793-WELL (888-793-9355); (202) 659-9709; help@thewellnesscommunity.org

  7. Imerman Angels - This site connects a person fighting cancer today ("cancer fighter") with someone who has beaten the same type of cancer ("cancer survivor"). The relationship provides a fighter the opportunity to ask personal questions and receive encouragement from someone who is uniquely familiar with the situation. The relationship provides a survivor the opportunity to personally help a fighter as (s)he battles the disease. http://www.imermanangels.org   Phone: 877-274-5529

  8. International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organization -
    A worldwide network of parents of children with cancer. http://www.icccpo.org/  Netherlands Phone: (31) 30-242-2944 ; icccpo-secretariat@vokk.nl

  9. Kids Cancer Network - Young cancer survivor Kenon Neal founded Kids Cancer Network to provide "a dose of hopeTM" for kids and their families isolated by the rigors of childhood cancer treatment. There are plenty of opportunities on this site to be encouraged! Discover tons of wonderful hard-to-find stuff, and places to: say thanks, get mail, be prayed for, share with thousands, and be creative. Truly a kids cancer network! http://kidscancernetwork.org/   info@kidscancernetwork.org

  10. Less Than Four - This is the premier online community for amputees around the world. People with limb differences gather here to ask questions, find answers and connect with one another. Membership is absolutely free. Members get their own personal blog and can upload unlimited photos and videos. http://www.lessthanfour.org

  11. Planet Cancer - Planet Cancer is an online community of young adults with cancer. It's a place to share insights, explore fears, and laugh with others who just plain get it! http://myplanet.planetcancer.org/  Phone: (512) 452-9010.

  12. Teens Living with Cancer - This website for teens with cancer offers medical information and provides psychosocial support designed to enhance a teen's quality of life. http://www.teenslivingwithcancer.org  Phone: (585) 563-6221.

  13. Youth Health Talk (Digex) - Check this site out for interviews with teens and young persons who talk about their individual experiences of cancer. http://www.youthhealthtalk.org/ Phone - 01865 226672; info@dipex.org